Capacity to take action to realise envisioned goals
The range covered by an activity, subject, or topic
The extent of an individual’s capacity
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At Human Scope we build on a core foundation of Organisational Psychology to provide a range of Human Resources related services and solutions to our Hong Kong and international clients.
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Leadership Assessment & Development We design and implement a wide array of assessment and development activities to identify leadership potential and and and and and and Details Executive Coaching We partner with individuals and teams to propel leadership and executive development by providing executive coaching, 360 feedback, and both individual and team developmental support Details 360-Scope™ We help individuals, teams and organisations derive insights into leadership performance and potential from an all-round 360-degree perspective. Details EQ & SQ @Work™ A questionnaire designed to measure people’s emotional intelligence (EQ) and social intelligence (SQ) in a business context – a self-version and a 360 version are available. Details Competency-Scope™ Framework We have developed a behavioural competency framework capturing the critical competencies for differentiating performance and leadership success. Details High Potential Model We have developed a leading High Potential Model which captures current global best-practices and contemporary thinking. Details