EQSQ @Work Framework

Researchers have found that emotional intelligence (EQ) and social intelligence (SQ) are effective in predicting job performance and in particular, managerial and leadership success. In the prediction of job performance, EQ and SQ provide additional insights over and above other assessment or profiling tools (e.g. aptitude tests, personality profiling).


Based on extensive review and consolidation of academic literature and research findings in the area of EQ and SQ, we have developed our EQ & SQ @ WorkTM Framework and Inventory to measure people's emotional intelligence (EQ) and social intelligence (SQ) in a business context.


Our EQ & SQ @ WorkTM Inventory has supported our clients to gain insights in relation to their talents' and leaders' ability to:

  • Recognise and understand emotions in self and others in the workplace, and hence to manage emotions in both self and others appropriately to enhance work performance.
  • Recognise and understand the thoughts, behaviour, assumptions, rules, expectations and needs of others in groups, teams and organisations; and the ability to use this understanding to behave appropriately in work situations and to manage relationships tactfully.

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